Product Questions



Does MobileHelp work outside the home?

Yes. MobileHelp is the first and only system that extends the features of an in-home medical alert system, nationwide, on a Cellular Network.

How does it work outside my home?

The MobileHelp Device combines GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) and cellular technology, enabling our monitoring center to be notified of your location and establish 2-way communication. When you leave the home you will take the mobile device and a pendant or wrist button if you wish. When you press the button, the mobile device will provide 2-way voice contact with the same emergency monitoring center that you use at home. It goes with you anywhere. 

If I go for a walk outside, would there be a signal?

When you leave the home you bring the mobile device with you. Think of the mobile device as a miniature base station that uses battery, cellular and GPS technology. No matter where you are in the United States, assuming there is AT&T coverage in the area; you can send an alarm to the emergency operator.

How does it work inside my home?

Pressing your Pendant Help button will initiate a call to our monitoring center using your base station and home phone line. You will hear the operator on the base station speaker and will be able to talk with them. If you are in a remote room of the house and the operator doesn’t hear you on the base station, they will call the mobile device to speak with you. This Duo system extends 2-way voice to any room in your house.    Click here for more information on the Duo System.

Do I need a cell phone?

You do not need a cell phone.  The mobile device utilizes cellular and GPS technology which is included in the price of our service.

Do I need a dedicated home phone land line to use your medical alert system?

No, a landline phone is not required.  Our in-home base stations work on the ATT Cellular network.  There are no additional cellular fees, its all covered in your MobileHelp service.  This makes our base stations easy to install.  There is no need to locate them near a phone outlet.  You just plug in the power cord and its installed!

How far away from the Base Station do the pendant and wrist button work?

They are designed to work from anywhere inside your home. They have an approximate range of 600 feet, depending on the size and construction of your home.

How far away from the Mobile Device do the pendant and wrist button work?

They have an approximate range of 350 feet from the Mobile Device. The Mobile Device has unlimited use with nationwide cellular coverage in all 50 U.S. states.  As long as you are within approximately 350 feet of the Mobile Device, you can call for help using your pendant or wrist button.

Why do I need a pendant or wrist button when I can carry the mobile device around?

You can press the Emergency button on your Mobile Device to call for help at home or away from home.  But what if the mobile device is out of your reach?

  • At home, when the Mobile Device is charging in the cradle charger and is out of reach, you can press the pendant or wrist button and it will activate the Mobile Device.
  • If the Mobile Device is buried in a purse, pocket or falls out of reach upon a fall, you simply press the button you are wearing to activate the Mobile Device.
  • The Mobile Device, similar to a cell phone, is not waterproof but the pendant is waterproof.  So if you slip and fall in the shower, where many falls occur, you simply press the pendant and it will activate the Mobile Device.
  • When sleeping, you can wear the wrist pendant to bed and activate the mobile device which may be on your night stand out of reach.
  • Bottom line, the pendant or wrist button is offered so you can remotely activate the Mobile Device when it's out of reach. 

Is the battery life of the buttons monitored?

The battery in the mobile device is monitored and if configured to do so using the MobileHelp Connect(TM) online tools, will send an email reminder to you and or caregivers.  The help buttons (neck pendant and wrist button) are not monitored and last approximately 4 - 5 years. We will swap out your pendants around the 3 year mark.

Is the Pendant/Wrist button waterproof?

Yes. They are designed to be worn at all times including in the shower and bath. They are not designed to be submerged or exposed to water for a prolonged period of time.  The mobile device with the speaker and microphone is not waterproof but can be activated by the waterproof neck pendant and wrist button. 

Does the Wrist Button strap contain any latex?

No. The strap MobileHelp uses is silicon based with no latex content.

Will the base station work if I lose power at my home?

Yes. In the event of a power outage, the base station will continue to work for approximately 30 hours.

Does the Base Station system use voice to voice (2-way) communication?

Yes. The base station has a built-in speaker and microphone enabling you to establish 2-way (voice-to-voice) communication with our operators.

Will help be sent if I am unable to communicate with, or hear, the operator?

Yes. If you are unable to communicate with our monitoring center after pressing the button, help will be dispatched.

Is the system easy to install?

Yes. It is as simple as plugging in the base station power cord. If you have any questions regarding the installation, then live help is quickly and conveniently available at 1-877-827-6207.  A dedicated test button on the base station makes it easy to test that the system is working properly.

Does someone install the system for me?

The system is setup by the person receiving the product. Our support staff can help walk someone through the setup and testing, if they have a question with the instructions.

Does the base station or mobile device have any wires?

The base station does have an electric cord. Our cradle charger also has an electrical cord to charge the mobile device.  No phone cords are required.

What are the minimum system requirements?

A power outlet for the home base station and the Mobile Device cradle charger are required.  Just make sure the power outlets you use are not controlled by a wall switch.  This is will prevent accidental loss of power to the equipment if someone uses the wall switch.

Is the system compatible with ALL Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems

Yes.  The system works independently on the ATT cellular system.  There is no need to plug into your home phone line.

Can I find out if the system will work in my area?
Yes. To learn more about coverage in your area, click here to use the Coverage Viewer.

How do I choose the best system for me - DUO or Classic?

If you are looking for a system that protects you at home and away from home, our DUO System would be the best solution for you. 

If you are looking for a system that only protects you at home, our CLASSIC System is the solution for you.  If later you decide you would also like to be protected away from home, the Classic System can be easily upgraded to become a DUO System.

What equipment do I receive with each system?

With all MobileHelp services plans there is no equipment to buy.  We provide you with equipment to use that best suits your needs:

DUO System – Cellular Base Station (no need for a home phone line); a Mobile Device (the device you take with you when away from home); cradle charger (used to charge your mobile device); a mobile device carrying case and two waterproof help buttons (your choice of neck pendant and/or wrist button) – the wrist button comes in your choice of color, black or white.  Click here to see pictures of the equipment included in the DUO System.

Classic Cellular System - Cellular Base Station (no home landline phone required) and two waterproof help buttons (your choice of neck pendant and/or wrist button) – the wrist button comes in your choice of color, black or white.  Click here to see pictures of the equipment included in the Cellular Classic System.

What is the size of the base station and the mobile device?

The base is about the size of an answering machine.  The mobile device is about the size of a deck of cards and weighs 3 ounces.

What exactly does the mobile device do and do you carry it with you like a mobile phone?

Always take the Mobile Device with you when you leave home.  There is a convenient carry case provided for this purpose.  You can call for help by pressing the Emergency button on the Mobile Device OR by pressing your pendant or wrist button.  The pendant and wrist button will work up to 350 feet away from the Mobile Device.  So if it is in a bag or nearby out of reach, you can still call for help.  It is a good idea to keep the Mobile Device close enough to you so that you can hear the operator speak to you, and so that they can hear you.

Once a button is pressed, the Mobile Device will send a call to our emergency operator.  The Mobile Device has a speaker and microphone so you can speak with the operator and tell them your situation.  If you are unable to speak, they will assume you are in need of immediate attention and dispatch emergency help to your location. The emergency operator will then contact family or friends on the list you provided us, and inform them you have sent an alarm. 

If you are testing your Mobile Device, it is very important to tell the operator you are testing.  Otherwise, if you do not respond when they speak to you, they will dispatch emergency services to your location.  The same applies if you accidently press your button.  Always speak to the operator and tell them your situation, if you are able.

Does your system offer an online mapping service so family members know where the person is at any given time?

Yes, as a subscriber you can provide loved ones or caregivers access to "Caregiver Tools."  They would be able to log into the portal and locate your device. Additionally, you have the ability to configure your settings that would email people you selected as “responders” in the event you pressed the help button, along with a map of where you were when you pressed the button.

How long does the battery last on a fully charged mobile device? 

After fully charging, the mobile device's battery should last over 24 hours under normal use conditions.